Responsive Website Technology

With the prevalence of Internet communication, mobile devices are almost a must-have for everyone. In order to introduce new screen size specifications every day, the famous web designer Ethan Marcotte proposed the concept of responsive web design in May 2010. The so-called responsive web design, also known as Responsive web design (RWD) is a kind of web design technology. It is designed by CSS3 + Media Queries web technology. Automatically identify and switch, the same webpage content, whether text or pictures, can be completely browsed and adapted to devices of different sizes and resolutions. With the layout automatically changing the layout method, the webpage content is correctly displayed, providing the best Visual sense

In the early days of mobile webpage development, it was separated from the website on the computer and re-created. This method caused the administrator to update the webpage content twice. Because the content is converted and managed by the same webpage You do n’t have to spend twice as much time updating the web page information again, you can do it once with responsive web technology!

Focus on brand and increase sales

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