Hamburger Menu is a trend, and the advantages and disadvantages of design are analyzed

In the early mobile web page menus, large text and icons had to be used, and the normal web page content was greatly squeezed. Using the design technology of the hamburger menu, the normal web page information can be more easily exposed. When users browse the website with a smartphone, what they can see is no longer a big menu and text, but a picture that is close to a general computer browser.

※The “Hamburger Menu” button is named after the shape of the hamburger. Although this design may be familiar to smartphone users, it is very unfamiliar to computer browser users. The “Hamburger Menu” is a simple button icon consisting of three horizontal lines when browsing the web on a smartphone. Clicking it will display the smartphone’s menu. In addition to the most classic three horizontal horizontal lines, sometimes there are frame or color changes.

In the traditional thinking of smart phone web design, most of the important information is placed on the home page, and it is a big limitation that the inner pages are not easily exposed. As the new generation of responsive web design has become mainstream, the design of the hamburger menu that automatically appears once the user’s device is detected as a mobile phone is also very popular. Malu Technology believes that after clicking the hamburger menu, it becomes easier to enter the inner page of the website. The webmaster can also pull the link of the user’s favorite page to the top of the menu, so that the user can better understand the content and services of the website.


Whether the website can retain users, good navigation and rich information content are the keys. How users can successfully find the products they want, the services they need, and useful information on the website… This part depends on the design quality of the navigation interface of the website. The hamburger menu is a potential main/auxiliary navigation tool. Good users tend to visit your site more, and the hamburger menu is a great place to start.

This problem is fairly common for people who use a computer browser who have probably never seen the ICON for the hamburger menu. In addition, the button design of the hamburger menu is varied. Malu Technology observed that the hamburger menu is mostly used on English-speaking websites, which is quite unfamiliar to non-English-speaking website users, which is also a problem.

Clicking the hamburger menu will pop up the menu screen, but what if there is no click? After clicking the menu, only a limited number of web pages can be displayed due to the screen limitation of the smartphone. How to make the menu appear search interface, or other more favorable navigation function, in order to improve the lack of menu. Soon, people will become accustomed to the meaning and convenience of the “hamburger menu”. Although the text menu is still much more intuitive, there is an additional design direction, and the design trend is becoming more and more irrespective of computers and mobile phones. Said to be a good development.

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